Aesthetic Medicine

Take care of your image, naturally.
In current society, presentation and personal image are becoming more and more important day by day.
Aesthetic Medicine procedures are an investment in personal image. They allow to correct the signs of the passage of time, as well as harmonize the face in a natural and irreproachable way.


Butolin Toxin

Butolin toxin, commonly known as “botox”, consists of a purified protein that allows facial muscles to relax without causing changes in facial mimic. Obtaining a harmonious and rejuvenating result on the patient’s face. The results are visible on the 3rd day after the application of the toxin, reaching the maximum effect on the 15th day, when a control consultation is carried out.
Anesthesia: Topical
Result: Immediate
Duration: 6 months

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by the body, however this production decreases soon after adolescence. The application of hyaluronic acid allows to correct expression lines, wrinkles and improve the overall hydration of the skin and its youthful appearance. Increasing the concentration of HA also induces the natural production of collagen and elastin, which are fundamental in anti-aging.
Anesthesia: Tópica
Result: Immediate
Duration: 12 months

Enzyme Lipo
of the double chin

The enzymatic Lipo of the double chin, consists of the elimination of the unwanted “double chin”, through subcutaneous micro injections. It allows the reduction of localized fat making the face more defined and harmonious.
Sessions: Mínimo 3
Anesthesia: Tópica
Duration: Definitive



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