Facialist is an expert in facial aesthetics

Being a Facialist is a personal relationship and a commitment that I have with you and your face. My knowledge, experience, technology, passion and intuition is what makes me a Facialist. The skin is not a predictable machine, each skin is unique. It is important that a Facialist is experienced, intuitive with the touch and care she performs, developing her fully personalized facials and building individualized routines.

I recognize skin problems and respond according to your needs and behavior, with continuous monitoring. Experienced hands taking care of your face every 4 to 6 weeks can change the future of your skin for the better. It is much easier to maintain healthy skin, so I encourage my clients to invest in their faces early on.

You can also enjoy, and even look forward to, a moment when you will divert your attention from the busy world and simply relax. In the busy world we live in, and although we have the science and technology to take care of your skin, it is important to pay attention to the customers’ lifestyle and routines. That is my approach.

Your facial treatment must be effective and pleasant – that’s my job: to learn what is best for each client. As I clean, hydrate, drain, and activate your skin, I also strive to make your time with me the best experience possible. A facialist will always take into account the condition of your skin, but also your general well-being.

Silvia Ganhão



I started my professional career in the area in 2005 through my training in aesthetics treatments and cosmetics at the National Aesthetic Center. Here I discovered that what fascinated me most, about aesthetics, was the face, the dermocosmetic, the anatomo-physiology and everything that allows me to better understand the cutaneous functions and this wonderful organ that is our skin!
In 2007 I started working in a renowned aesthetic clinic, where I confirmed my passion for facial aesthetics, and where I developed my technique and knowledge. There were several formations that I attended and much that I developed since then as an aestheticist. My path continued and I entered the fascinating area of ​​teaching and stayed there for 4 years. In parallel I was responsible for a day spa and later collaborated with a renowned dermocosmetic brand.
Throughout this period of time I continued to invest in my training. Manual lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, microblading, specializations in chemical peels and microneedling are examples of my academic growth.
I decided to open my own facial aesthetic treatment center, do to a lack of offer that exists in this specific area and to be able to exercise aesthetics taking into account my professional values.

I hope for you in my facial aesthetic center, because your skin is my passion !!