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Silvia Ganhão



I started my professional career in the area in 2005 through my training in aesthetics treatments and cosmetics at the National Aesthetic Center. Here I discovered that what fascinated me most, about aesthetics, was the face, the dermocosmetic, the anatomo-physiology and everything that allows me to better understand the cutaneous functions and this wonderful organ that is our skin!
In 2007 I started working in a renowned aesthetic clinic, where I confirmed my passion for facial aesthetics, and where I developed my technique and knowledge. There were several formations that I attended and much that I developed since then as an aestheticist. My path continued and I entered the fascinating area of ​​teaching and stayed there for 4 years. In parallel I was responsible for a day spa and later collaborated with a renowned dermocosmetic brand.
Throughout this period of time I continued to invest in my training. Manual lymphatic drainage, aromatherapy, microblading, specializations in chemical peels and microneedling are examples of my academic growth.
I decided to open my own facial aesthetic treatment center, do to a lack of offer that exists in this specific area and to be able to exercise aesthetics taking into account my professional values.

I hope for you in my facial aesthetic center, because your skin is my passion !!

Dra. Luísa Caroucinho


Dr. Luísa Caroucinho has a Master’s degree in Dentistry and a specialization in Aesthetic Medicine, namely in the area of Facial Harmonization. The rigorous knowledge of facial anatomy and taste for aesthetics were associated with the mission of providing and giving back to each patient the comfort and enhancement of their face.

With national and international training, including training certified by the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, covering a range of facial harmonization procedures and advanced facial harmonization.

Each technique is applied after a detailed and specific facial analysis for each face, in order to establish the ideal proportions of each face, always with an intrinsic concept of naturalness.