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Perfect Peel is a chemical peel recommended for those who have acne, skin imperfections, mild to moderate aging, hyperpigmentation of solar origin and associated with age. Chemical peels are also used to prepare the skin for subsequent aesthetic treatments.

SkinGlow’s Perfect Peel is an aesthetic treatment that is done with the application of AHA or BHA acids on the skin, which produce a chemo-exfoliation. The results are immediate and also progressive and are obtained in a controlled and safe way. They allow to improve the physiological qualities of the skin and promote an accelerated cell regeneration. In this treatment, different organic acids are used, selected according to the problem to be treated, and taking into account the characteristics and condition of the skin.


The Perfect Peel leaves your skin purified and oxygenated, with a uniform texture, smooth and luminous.

Treatment Time – 1h
Value per treatment – 70€



Facials Treatments


Pure Glow Skin Cleansing

Deep skin cleansing is for anyone who needs to remove blackheads, impurities, dead cells and clean the pores in depth.
It is the facial treatment with which to begin all the treatment packages.

Derma Purifying Skin Cleansing

Derma Purifying deep cleansing is for those with acne-prone skin (adult and teen) with comedonic acne and grade I and II inflammatory acne, who need to remove comedones, impurities, sebaceous micro-accesses and deep clean their pores.

Perfect Peel
Chemical Peeling

For those who have skin imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles, melasmas, solar melanoses, acne, acne marks. To fine-tune thick and keratinized skins, and also to prepare the skin for subsequent aesthetic treatments.

Chemical Peeling
Spot Out Peel

Spot Out Peel is a chemical peel with a specific depigmenting action for those who have hyperpigmentation of melanic origin (melasma) and other types of hyperchromias (spots).


Lift & Glow Treatment
Radio frequency

Radiofrequency treatment is the main reference for anyone who has facial flaccidity and wrinkles. Ideal from the first signs of aging to the most mature skins.

Nutri Balance

It is a nourishing facial care for dry skin.
This is a treatment for those who feel dry, stiff skin and lack of elasticity.
Ideal for skin that needs to reinforce its hydrolipidic barrier and regain comfort and smoothness.

Red Carpet  Glow

The facial treatment for brides, bridesmaids and parties. For when we want our skin to be just perfect!

Skin Detox

Manual lymphatic draining technique is particularly effective after plastic surgery, bruising and edema resulting therefrom, reducing recovery time. It is also recommended for cases of sinusitis and rhinitis.

Aqua Balance

The ideal treatment for dehydrated, fine lines and dullness. Return light to your skin immediately.


Collagen Booster Treatment

For those who want a true global rejuvenating effect on the face. To reduce and mitigate all types of wrinkles and skin flaccidity. To improve skin blemishes. For anyone who has acne scars. To reduce unsightly dilated pores.

Treatment Sculptural
Face Lifting Massage

This innovative massage technique is intended for those who want a notorious lifting effect on the face, in a completely natural way, without any recourse to invasive techniques.

Silk Glow Treatment

The microdermabrasion treatment is ideal for those who need to refine skin texture, reduce pores, regenerate the skin and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, maintaining total comfort in treatment and with no recovery time.



Clean skin made with quality products and with fairy hands. Sympathy and professionalism. To repeat!

Sónia Farinha

Excellent service and excellent professional. Highly recommend to everyone!

Filipe Guardado

I am performing a face treatment and my skin is improving substantially every day that passes is more luminous and soft! SkinGlow excels in professionalism, friendliness and good taste. I advise you to try it!

Lígia Mendes

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